A Look Through the Rabbit Hole

Have you ever wondered what is “real” and what isn’t? As I wander through this life, I’m often greeted by the notion of whether the people, places and things I encounter are real or not. Is there a meaning to all of It or is It all a charade cast over our eyes to shade us from what is “real.”

In the story, Alice falls through a hole and into a world of make-believe. Or is it the other way around? Maybe the story isn’t about Alice at all. But through Alice we get our first glimpse of the real world. Maybe it’s through Alice’s eyes when we finally see everything for what It is.

At the purest moments of actualization we often see the world as turned on its head. Objects become creatures and creatures take on magnificent forms that rustle the imagination. We all have friends who in tandem communicate with us through distorted dialects of rhymes we can barely make sense of; and friends so hopped up on energy we can barely keep up with them. We often encounter sly and beguiling characters who test our wits and make us decide between the road less traveled and the road traveled less than the other. A group of some who at first appear mad, but whom we enlist as our mentors because we realize they will bring us closer to the truth than we could have ever imagined. And those who wear many hats…

We all “wear many hats” so to speak. Enough hats to the point it breaks our own sanity at times. So why is it peculiar when we think of someone embracing It? Do we fear this truth in the “real” world? That we are actually mad like the hatter? Alice wasn’t afraid. Possibly because it was at the point when Alice met the hatter, when the world suddenly became clear.

Of course there was the age-old battle of good vs. evil, or vice-versa. But this time the struggle over right and wrong, or white and red, was so closely attached to one another, it seemed almost fraternal. It bared in mind that we are not so much good, as we are not so much bad. It lifted the shade over Alice’s eyes to not only see the true order of the world, but to finally gaze within herself to see the true order of who she really was. As suggested in the tale, maybe there’s no “real” order at all.

Through the rabbit hole, Alice might not have necessarily fallen “out” of anything, but “into” everything. The rabbit hole was not so much an escape or exit from the “real” world, but a welcoming or entrance into the real.

There is nothing to fear here. After all, Alice wasn’t afraid. And it was just a story, wasn’t it?


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