What is Life?

Life has been called many things and defined in an infinite amount of ways. There are many interpretations of life – what it is, what it’s not, what it’s suppose to be – the meaning. Most of us want to know the answer to all of these. For they are all equally important in our search for the meaning to why we are here. However maybe it isn’t as simple as one or two answers or maybe it is. The other day I came up with my own interpretation of life. I was a little taken back by my thoughts, but as dismal as they seem, I believe they contain a great deal of hope. Because in the end, life truly is what you make it.

Life is merely something which exceeds our expectations or doesn’t. It’s something, like anything. A thing we are apart of, but not defined by. It’s a thing, I think, or maybe it’s not actually. Just this moment as I sit here on the bus, I realize that in order to be a thing, we must be able to grasp it. And life is anything but. We call a lot of things, things, but are they really? Life can’t be grasped due to shear magnitude and obscurity. It surely is something in the literal terminology, but not a thing at all.

I now believe life is an unattainable _____ (I guess that’s the best descriptor I have right now). If you pay attention you can feel life in small increments. Times of happiness, sadness and all the other emotions we are programmed for. Life is too vast and powerful to feel all at once or at least with any normal state of mind. It truly is a state which transcends the then, now and future. However out in all of this, it is still a ‘whatever it is’ which either exceeds your expectations or doesn’t.

As we go on we are confronted with objects, people, places, emotions and experiences which also do this. In any case, if you’re paying attention, you will realize, learn and cherish (sometimes whether you’d like to or not). The important thing is we move on. Such is or should be with life.

Life is not meant to dwell on, but to be lived in constant rotation with ‘whatever it is’. There is no great mystery to it, meaning or worth. It simply is what it is. Moments full of objects, people, places, emotions, and experiences. The meaning to define, if any, is our very own meaning. To define ourselves and who we are within the context of life. Maybe for no reason at all, but it definitely seems more attainable than the ladder. What you will find yourself doing is defining the meaning within the meaning. Superseding what appears to be important to everyone else and examining what is there for you.

Maybe if we can begin to open our eyes and see the personal paths set out for us by the objects, people, places, emotions and experiences we encounter each day, we will follow an uncharted road lined with the street signs of our past and road signs guiding us to our futures. Or maybe we’ll just continue to fall down the hole.


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