Lessons From Children

It’s amazing what we can learn from children. They are the last truth sayers we have. Children haven’t yet learned to lie, connive or cheat. Aside from their alternative motives when they want something, children say it as it is. I’ve had kids tell me when my breath stunk, when I was “so drunk” and how bad I make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Without fear of insult, rejection or controversy, the truth pours out from them. Is this something we as adults have lost?

I find myself locked in the confines of a world concerned with “saving face”, political correctness and diplomatic relations. When in fact, this theology does more bad than good. We delay the inevitable truth. Piling more and more bullshit on the situation until the methane ignites and showers the sky with flames. The newspaper is filled with stories of those who bury the truth. Digging a six foot grave at first, until it turns into 12, 24, 50 feet. Next thing you know your in above your head, lying with the worms and maggots.

It’s a shame responsibility, ownership and honor are things of the past. We’ve locked them in the vaults with our gold, muscle cars and social security. I guess some things don’t stand the test of time. This new era is meant for someone who can’t remember past things lost. It must be easy for those who never knew what a handshake meant or a promise. I can say from experience that it’s hard carrying those memories with me now into this new world.

Little did I know, high-school was preparing me for life. Notes in lockers turned to pink slips on desks, but at least break-ups still happen via text messages and people continue to talk behind your back…or over Facebook. I guess I’m a little prepared, but what’s going to happen when the new generation comes for me?


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