Running of the Bulls

Here at the starting gate. The radiant crest of the sun peeks over the horizon. Its beauty lasts but an instant. As you gaze in witness of the world’s marvelous presence the sun’s rays blast you in the eye and your moment of clarity is stricken from you. “Back to the race,” it tells you.

At the blocks the runners in front take their positions. One look at them and you can tell they have been here many times before. Their time earns them the pole positions. The rest of us try shimmying are way in. Looking for a hole to squeeze our bodies into. Suddenly I am blasted back by a women twice my age. As I struggle for the words to say she glances back at me with a cold hardened stare. The words escape me as my pride and confidence can be seen jetting down the platform in the opposite direction. I get what I can in anticipation for the starting gun. I look down. I wore the wrong shoes.

The calves of the runners in front of me can be seen tightening up through their slacks and stockings. What have I gotten myself into? My stamina is no where near the levels of competing in such a contest. I don’t even know what I’m waiting for. A gust of wind slowly begins to pick up pace. I feel it wrestling through the blades of hair I worked so perfectly on. A slow roar can be heard in the distance. Immediately I fill up with nerves. “This is it,” I tell myself. The time has come. The thought of turning back doesn’t even resonate. By now my pride and confidence are on a bus back home where hopefully they will be waiting later. What I’m left with is a catatonic state of disbelief. Only hoping now that adrenaline takes over. My feet feel as if they have sunken deep into the cement under me. Golf shoes would help.

The wind marks the beginning and the howling roar is clear and present now. I can feel the vibrations beneath me. The gun is about to go off. As it does the runners spring from their positions. Going only a few inches, but doing so with such quickness and agility. As if pulled in by the force which has steamrolled through. A blink and they are gone. I look to my sides. I am the only one left. Am I ready for this?


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