No Rest For the Weary

No rest for the weary. There truly isn’t anymore. No one cares about the sick, tired, or pained. The world has no patience or sympathy for these people. They are a drudge on society and we do our best to exterminate them. Maybe not always in a physical sense, but in a mental sense. We tend to the sick and weary momentarily. I thought we were doing so because we were concerned and wanted to help. But it is all too clear now. We are merely taking time to evaluate their status. If they do not seem too far gone, we help fix them. Bandaging them up with hopeful words and homemade remedies. We caress them and wish them rest. As I said, I once thought it was because we might have cared. However we only wish them good health so as to return them to ‘normal’ working condition. Another sheep in the heard, another dog on the sled. For as if one of these parts goes down, the entire machine is at risk of collapsing. This is merely not an option. So we  take time to repair the broken parts. However if the fallen member of the team is too far gone or is taking too long to recoup, we badger them to health. Only a couple days do you get before subversive language and demands are thrown upon your weakened body. You are now coached back to good health, whether you like it or not. No leniency, the world has no time to waste on another. A decision must be made quick. If you will not return in time, a replacement must be sought out. But what then happens to you?

As if you were hanging on to the top of a slide you never wanted to go down in the first place, starring up at a bully who has left you know choice. You feel the weight of the world’s foot against your forehead as it abruptly pushes you off your grasps. Down the spiral slide you fall, missing level after level. All you have achieved suddenly sliding past your vision. The trip feels forever and all you can do is stare up and see everything you have achieved fall further and further into the distance. Because it does not matter what you have achieved to this point, only that you keep on achieving. There is no magical mountain top to strive for. The closer you get, the farther the mountain top moves towards the clouds. THEY planned it this way. We love machines so much because they never stop working. That is our malfunctions as humans. Contentment. We slow down or stop working once we have hit a certain level of achievement. Therefore in order to keep the world running, these boundaries must be extended until there is no end. Merely, a hamster inside a ball is what we are. Running until we smash our little, vulnerable faces  against the hard plastic and cannot run anymore. No reward, no praise, no memorial. Just switch the mouse out and throw you to the side wiith the rest of the carcasses.


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